light (2 damage)
.22 pistol 10 credits

medium (4 damage)
5.54 medium pistol 20 credits
5.54 carbine 30 credits

large (6 damage)
.45 heavy pistol 25 credits
7.62 rifle 30 credits
7.62 bulpup 50 credits
Shotgun 35 credits

All pistols acrue a +1 difficulty for each range increment beyond personal.
A carbine is assessed a +1 difficulty penalty at long range
A bulpup is a ‘large’ weapon that does not suffer the rifles penalties at personal range because of its compact nature.
A rifle sufferes +1 Difficulty at Personal range (unwieldy)
Shotgun short range only, +1 difficulty at Personal range (unwieldy)

Potential interesting numenara:
Aimpoint: a laser that helps targeting. -1 Difficulty at personal or short range
Scope: -1 difficulty at Long range
Night vision: the firearm can be used at night, +1 difficulty to all ranges because of limited peripherial vision. requires scope or aimpoint.
Quick reload magazine: a double magazine that can be quickly flipped and inserted into the firearms housing as a fast action.


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