AtR: Cascadia

The Search for the Crawler Tank, Part 2


The team eventually managed to escape from the Legion of Devolved Microsoft Executives by retreating to Valve World HQ. From there they regrouped, meandered, and finally found their way down to the vast, sprawling parking structure under the plaza. There was some confusion at first about a sealed security gate, but Nari’s quick thinking with a bit of Ancient Tech and fwoomp! she was on the other side.

Eventually Nari was able to get the rest of the group through the gate by vandalizing some priceless vehicle artifacts that were stored on Level Black.

Some exploration followed, a bit of cleverness and through the door!…. Only to be attacked by a legion of Cyborgs and a walker/tank/robot/thing. The Group managed to escape with the carcass of the robot. The group fled, with Anders vowing to return for the vehicles, and Nari vowing to return for the secrets of the Lair of the Cyborgs.

But that, as they say, is another story…..


Michael_Walsh_Issaquah Michael_Walsh_Issaquah

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