AtR: Cascadia

Heading to Rainier

a series of unexpeceed events

First the group wrapped up their encounter in Temple, they decided it was a lovely place, with an Artifact that killed hostile Abhumans from Bellevue-town with swarms of bees. No wonder the local single lasses were making their way to the community to hook up with the mostly male population of refugees from the east…..

The group had a series of unexpected adventures on the road south toward Swift Creek,

They sacrificed their smoked fish to a pod of Lorb in order t o discourage them, sadly this had the opposite effect causing one of the pod to smash their canoes in search of more free fish.

This stranded the group on Skyway Island where they navigated the traps and ambushes of the native abhumans while they built a raft.

Eventually the group escaped across the channel to Tukwilla, a community that is renowned for fishing and raising tame Lorb for export. here they replaced their canoes and supplies.

Next the group made their way to the bustling town of New Ortig where they discovered mills and other industry owned by their compatriots. It was here they learned that there is a radical faction of the Rainier that is trying to expel all non-sylvan from the forest because of clear cut harvesting.

On the way south the group took Kellogg Creek off of the Pullyallup to one of the clear cuts. There they found something unexpected; Dances The Jovian Magnetosphere, who delivered a warning of alien spores near Kamloops.

The group took this information and gave testimony to the Elders of the Rainier, who were able establish the truth, and were apologetic in their inability to sway Martrim the Bear.


Michael_Walsh_Issaquah Michael_Walsh_Issaquah

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